Defining High Quality – the “short” answer.

There’s no simple answer to a “high quality” window.

High Quality could be narrowed down to the design of the window, the architecture, or even the strategic placement of it.

It could be the functionality, the materials used, the building processes or even the energy-efficiency. But, what’s the defining characteristic of “high quality”?

We believe not one, but all of these characteristics come into play when classifying a high-quality window. We believe that from building materials to building processes, high-quality begins from the foundation to installation. That’s why we make all of our windows from 100% lead free Polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) with the latest in German Technology; U-R-B-A-N machinery.

We provide low-emissive glass options, to provide maximum thermal efficiency and minimize wasted energy. We engineer unique multi-chamber windows that maximize their insulation and give them unparalleled sturdiness and insulation. And we also provide the utmost in aesthetic choices; from stylish grids, to a variety of exterior and interior options, color schemes and wild designs that will compliment any home or building.

There is no short answer – but there is a definite one. A high-quality window is a combination of many well-prepared factors, from engineering and building, to materials and presentation. If you’re looking for the premium in windows – look no further than Renova Window & Door Designs.

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